The history of Sogod began long before the arrival of the Spaniards. The early inhabitants founded a balangay or settlement near the bank of Subang Daku river in the heart of Sogod bay. In 1565, the Legaspi expedition described it as a thickly populated village. On September 6,1571, Sogod became a part of the Spanish encomienda in Leyte.

Sogod became a municipality on June 10, 1853 by virtue of a decree signed by Governor General Antonio de Urbiztondo. Thirteen years later, Sogod became a parish under the patronage of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception by virtue of a Real Aprobacion dated May 14th.

When Don Nicolas Idjao became governadorcillo in 1885, he transferred the seat of government to the barrio of Libagon, his native place. The poblacion of Sogod then became Sogod Viejo and Libagon became Sogod Nuevo. In 1902-1904, Don Benito Faelnar became the capitan municipal. He returned the seat to Sogod but in 1904 Ladislao Deceteceo who succeeded Faelnar transferred the seat again to Consolation.