san-ricardo-logoThe primitive name of this town was “Inulinan “, the stern of rear part of a boat as it is located at the extreme southern part of Panaon Island that resembles a boat. It was established in 1865 with Pintuyan as the Poblacion. San Ricardo replaced Inulilan after the name of the first Capitancillo.

Before 1907, the seat of local government was in San Ricardo. After the first held elections for Municipal President, the elected president moved his government to Pintuyan. The people protested to return the site to San Ricardo, and a move was made to separate from Pintuyan. Congressman Nicanor E. Yñiguez Jr. sponsored a bill creating a new municipality of San Ricardo. The bill became Republic Act number 6360 dated July 23, 1971. It was proclaimed January 2, 1972 by President Ferdinand Marcos with Congressman Yñiguez and Presidential Assistant and Legislative Liason officer Atty. Joaquin G. Chung Jr. present.