liloanA “Wawa”(strait passage) divides the mainland of Leyte and Panaon island on the south. The passage is famous for its swirling currents that form turbulent minute maelstroms when the ebb tides rush in.  Liloan was founded in 1885 but ecclesiastical work began in 1718. It is in the northern part of Panaon Island.

Construction of a 297.428 meter steel bridge began on February 21, 1976 and was completed on August 25, 1977. It now crosses the “Wawa” and connects Panaon island to the mainland Leyte and the national highway. A lighthouse stands like a sentry of the bay which is a safe harbor during inclement weather. The bay is picturesque and from the passage it looks like a postcard town surrounded by wind-breaking hills.

Liloan was a landmark in World War II. It was there that the Japanese and the liberation forces first fought from October 20 to 25, 1944.