BASEY, Samar (PIA) -- The head of Eastern Visayas Peacebuilders Development Federation (EVPBDF), formerly an active CPP-NPA-NDF member, shared his hard experience to the students in a symposium held at the Mabini National High School in this town, Thursday, June 16.

“The CPP-NPA-NDF propagates the existence of poverty in their organization to their members,” Jade Cinco, a former rebel, told a gathering of students, as he discouraged them from joining the CPP-NPA-NDF fronting as “harmless” organization in their respective areas.

Cinco shared that the terrorist group does not care about the well-being of their members, according to a press release from the 63rd Infantry (Innovator) Battalion led by Lt. Col. Lucio Janolino, who initiated the symposium with students.

“They have been collecting revolutionary taxes from contractors and business proprietors scoring a huge sum of money. Why did I know? I was one of them,” Cinco confessed.

He added that low-ranking NPAs did not receive replenishments from their comrades who have been enjoying the revolutionary tax money all by themselves.

Another speaker during the symposium, 1Lt. Lyle Navarro, CMO officer of the 63IB, shared how the CPP-NPA-NDF enter colleges and universities in collaboration with student organizations and groups, reminding the students to be responsible individuals in their respective communities.

He invited them to take the AFP Service Aptitude Test to be conducted by the Philippine Army in different municipalities, including Basey, next month, July.

Virgilio Labuac, school principal of Mabini National High School, thanked the Army unit for conducting the symposium, the importance of testimonies and the sharing of knowledge by the speakers.

He reminded students to avoid joining groups that initiate rebellion against the government as it would hinder their holistic growth as individuals.

The press release said the goals of the activity which is to disseminate information and share testimonies were attained through the conduct of the symposium.

“The 63IB together with the local government jnit of Basey, Samar, will continue conducting series of activities as the Unit fights against disinformation and terrorism which is practiced by the CPP-NPA-NDF for the past 53 years,” the press statement said.

“The Unit remains firm in its pledge to serve the people and secure the land,” it added. (MMP/PIA Southern Leyte with 63IB)