MAASIN CITY (PIA) -- There is no more problem in convincing people to get injected with the vaccine as a defensive move against COVID-19, because they readily submit themselves to have it, so attention now has shifted to making sure vaccines are available.

Thus evolved the vaccination rollout situation in the province, changing from a rigorous campaign for everyone to get jabbed into checking the supply for rising demand can be meet.

“We have no problem on who wants to be vaccinated, it was more on the lack of vaccines,” Gov. Damian Mercado shared Tuesday on the sidelines of the city charter day rites at Danao Forest Park.

He said that for the whole province, an allocation of 2,000 vaccine units were given every week by the Department of Health (DOH) regional office, and as people became aware, realizing the need to voluntarily get inoculated, the weekly volume was found wanting.

And it was understandable that way because the regional DOH office only got as much supply enough for distribution to the whole region, he added.

Lately, though, the supply reaching the regional hub has increased, and so there was also an increase in the share of the province, at 10,000 units per week, and this number was relatively large already, the governor reported.

As to earlier plans for the province to purchase its own vaccines in a 30-70 sharing agreement with LGUs, Mercado said the budget is still ready, not only for vaccines but for other related supplies as well. (LDL/MMP/PIA-8/Southern Leyte)