MAASIN CITY, May 15 (PIA) -- The city health unit (CHU) here targeted 53,000 residents representing 70 percent of the population to be injected with covid vaccines as soon as supplies arrive and are readily available in order to attain herd immunity, a situation where the virus can no longer cause infection.

As of Friday, May 14, in under two months since the inoculation began last week of March with the arrival of

Sinovac vaccines from the DOH regional office, more than two thousand people got jabbed for the first dose, and about 500 had their second dose, Dr. Francilisa Tan, city health unit officer, reported.

The number is still way down the goal, but the city’s vaccination rollout depended on what is on hand, the DOH-delivered vaccines, because those to be bought by the city LGU cannot be foreseen to come anytime soon just yet, Tan said during the Kapihan sa PIA forum Friday.

On a peak day, the city’s medical force was able to vaccinate more than 300 people, mostly senior citizens who voluntarily submit themselves at the city gym vaccination center, Tan disclosed.

She called and encouraged the elderly especially those with comorbidities, or those with existing ailments and maintenance medication, to come forward Tuesday next week, for there are available AstraZeneca vaccines good for 200 persons, and this would be the first time such vaccines are given.

More than 10,000 individuals are seniors out of the 53,000 target, the rest medical, other frontliners, and essential workers, and the oldest person injected so far was aged 94, the youngest within the range of 18 to 20 years old, Tan informed.

Among the most common reaction after getting the dose was a sense of feeling sleepy, aside from the slight pain on the injected spot, and all the vaccinees are still up for monitoring for one year since the day one got the first jab, Tan further shared. (ldl/mmp/PIA8-Southern Leyte)