MAASIN CITY, Aug. 12 (PIA) -- The city government will soon employ a high-tech system in trying to locate people that have made contacts with those infected with the coronavirus as a way to stop local transmission of the invisible disease.

City Mayor Nacional Mercado announced this scheme, technically called QR Code, in his short talk on the occasion of the 20th founding anniversary of the cityhood of Maasin August 10.

It was in a recent video conference with Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong, the country’s contact tracing czar, that the idea first gained traction, when Magalong advised on incorporating one of the best practices of Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez, Mercado recounted.

A discussion on integrating the QR Code to contact tracing procedure immediately followed, with Ormoc City acting like a big brother, introducing the developer to the information technology team of the city, along with Councilor Mikey Mercado in a visit to Ormoc.

“The developer communicated with me . . . on Wednesday he will visit the city and present the whole system to our inter-agency task force (IATF), and to be endorsed for concurrence by the city council,” Mercado said.

“Hopefully within this month we will introduce the QR Code system into our contact tracing protocol,” he added.

By then, customers entering business, commercial establishments will no longer use ballpen in registering their names in a logbook when they buy something, as the software will already be included in one’s touch screen cellular phone as an app.

For the barangays the city government will be allocating one smart phone each because the QR Code needed these kinds of phones as hardware, not the keypad analog that has no internet application, Mayor Mercado said.

In his short talk Mercado also shared the city’s covid response that included massive disinfection of public places around the city, food security allocation for the city’s 25,000 families given in five batches, mobile merkado reaching the farthest barangays, implementation of national programs on SAP and TUPPAD, and regular dishing out of baseline information through his facebook account.

He likewise acknowledged the many donations the city government received from private individuals and organizations as well as from government officials and agencies that greatly helped in easing the impact of covid in the city for the arriving LSIs, OFWs, and the well-being of medical and volunteer frontliners. (ldl/mmp/PIA8-Southern Leyte)