MAASIN CITY, Southern Leyte, May 6 (PIA) – Southern Leyte is now accepting nominees for the Outstanding Southern Leyte?os dubbed as “Idol Mo, Nominado.”
Provincial Planning Officer Ida Sy Monzon informed that the search will give due recognition to Southern Leyte?os who have achieved outstanding accomplishments in his or her chosen field of endeavour, inspired others to excel and to do good to his/her fellowmen and have exhibited extraordinary strength of character and integrity.
Furthermore, the nominee must have contributed greatly to the development of his/her community or have made significant impact on the lives of others, Monzon added.
“Please take the opportunity to consider nominating someone you believe should be honored as Outstanding Southern Leyte?o 2014”, she urged those who knew somebody that are qualified to be nominated.
The Outstanding Southern Leyte?o Award (OSLA) is open to every Southern Leyte?o, natural born or one or both parents/grandparents were born in Southern Leyte, a resident or non-resident of the province and of good moral character.
Monzon said that the nomination must submit a duly accomplished nomination form that are now available at the PPDO, Provincial Capitol, City/Municipal PDO, City/Municipal Halls, Barangay Halls and at Rural Health Units.
She added that the nominator must also cite the nominee’s background, career, range of work, scope of activity and exceptional achievements, while quotations, statements of authorities and awards should also be included in the list.
“Those who will nominate must also give reasons why she/he thinks the nominee should be chosen as one of the OSLA 2014,’ Monzon disclosed further.
All nominations will be reviewed and deliberated on the Search Committee, chaired by Lilies M. Kapili, according to Monzon. Accomplished nomination form and all supporting documents must be submitted on or before May 30, 2014 to: The Provincial Planning and Development Office Province of Southern Leyte, Capitol Bldg., Asuncion, Maasin City, Southern Leyte.
She said that awardees will be immediately notified as soon as the results of the evaluations are available. The awarding ceremony will be held during the week of the Southern Leyte Anniversary celebration In Maasin City. (esg/rgc/PIA8-SoLeyte)