MAASIN CITY, April 22 (PIA) -- Mayor Imelda Tan of Sogod, Southern Leyte has urged her constituents to cultivate land and plant through barangay communal gardening in a way to combat COVID-19.

Mayor Tan in her FB post said the LGU will implement food production campaign dubbed as “Sogod Self-Sustaining Food Security Program,” in response to the crisis brought about by COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Tan surmised nobody knows when the pandemic will end unless a vaccine can be produced, hence, she urged her constituents to plant.

“Tinuod adunay hinabang ang atong gobyerno pero dili kita magsalig kay dili ingana ka dato ang atong nasud,” (It’s true that there are assistance from the government but let us not totally depend since our nation is not that rich) she said in her FB post.

She urged her constituents to act and plant in order to survive amid the COVID-19 crisis.

“Good for us that we live near the sea for fishing and we have abundant mountains and flats where we can plant at our advantage,” she further said.

Tan said a lot of idle lands could be converted into barangay communal gardens through the cooperation of several landowners allowing the farmers to cultivate for free.

These communal gardens were established in the following barangays of San Miguel, Pandan, Concepcion I and II, Olisihan, Kanangkaan ang Hibod-hibod, all of Sogod, she added.

Farmers were further instructed to approach respective barangay officials and the Municipal Agricultures Office as the vegetable seeds, corn seeds, organic fertilizers, tractors and technical assistance are readily available, Tan said. (ldl/esg/PIA SoLeyte)