Various modes of communication are available in the province. These include cell sites, service providers for mobile phones, telephone service, broadcast media, cable TV, government fixed/ Land/mobile radio stations, and nongovernment fixed/land/mobile stations as reported by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), Maasin City. 

At present, 48 cell sites are established in all the municipalities of the province. SMART has 19 cell sites; Globe has 23 cell sites; and Sun Cellular has 6. Likewise, telephone services by Bayantel and Globe are available in nine municipalities of the province. 

The province has three radio stations: DYDM (AM) in Maasin City, DYSL (AM) in Sogod, and DYAS (FM) in Macrohon. 

Nine cable TV operators/companies are present in the six contiguous municipalities of Liloan, St. Bernard, San Juan, Anahawan, Hinundayan, and Hinunangan, and one in Maasin City.

Local newspapers circulating in the province include the Southern Leyte Times and the Southern Leyte Balita located in Maasin City.