Southern Leyte is one of the 6 provinces of Region 8 or Eastern Visayas Region. It is bounded on the north by Leyte Province, on the south by Mindanao Sea, on the east by the Pacific Ocean and on the west by Visayas Sea.

It is composed of 1 Congressional District; 1 city, 18 municipalities, and 500 barangays, 255 of which are coastal barangays and 245 non-coastal barangays.

It has 5 urban barangays per PSA-NSO 2010 data, which are locatted in Maasin City (4) and Sogod (1); the rest of the barangays (495) are classified as rural barangays.

Total Population and Population Growth

As of 2010, Southern Leyte has a total population of 399,137. It is growing at an average annual growth rate of 1.03%, which is lower compared to the regional and national population growth rates of 1.28% and 1.90%, respectively. For a period of 50 years from 1960 to 2010, the population of Southern Leyte has doubled its number.

Households and Household Size

In 2010, total number of households was 89,672 with a total household population of 398,577. Average household size was 4.4 persons/household which is a little lower compared to Region 8 of 4.7 and the Philippines of 4.6.

Population Density

As of 2010, Southern Leyte has a population density of 230 persons per sq. km of land area which is higher compared to region 8 of 176 persons/sq. km. but lower compared to that of the Philippines of 308 persons/sq. km.

Dependency Ratio

As of 2010, the total dependency ratio in the province is 66 persons (54 young dependents and 12 old dependents) for every 100 working age population which is lower compared to Region 8 of 73 persons but lower compared to the Philippines of 61 persons.


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Sex Ratio, 2010

In 2010, Southern Leyte has more males than females having a sex ratio of 105. It means that for every 100 females there are 105 males. and 102, respectively.

Age-Sex Pyramid


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Sex pyramid of Southern Leyte above has a broad base indicating that there are more young population that needed to be served with basic social services like health, education and social welfare.

Population By Major Age Group

The dependent groups of population include the young population under the age group of 0-14 years old and the old population under the age group of 65 and above years old. In the province, the young dependent population totals 129,449 while the old dependent population totals 29,331 in 2010. The working age population (15-64 years old) totals 239,797 as shown in the figure below. 

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Water & Sanitation

Sources of Drinking Water in Southern Leyte: Shallow wells, deep wells, developed springs

Total No. Households with access to potable water (IPHO), 2006: 73,521 or 90% of 82,048 households in 2006. Percent of Households with Access to Sanitary Toilet (IPHO, 2009): 87.14%

Population by Municipality

Based on the 2010 NSO data, the most thickly populated city/municipality in the province is Maasin City representing 20.4% of the total population. The least populated is Limasawa.

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Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) Age 10 Years & Over : 2010, Southern Leyte

OFWs—5,329 or 1.7% of 314,276
Male—3,569 or 67% of 5,329
Female: 1,760 or 33% of 5,329

ecoactEconomic Activities of the People

The major sources of income of the people are mainly farming, fishing, trading and services.



Service Provider: Southern Leyte Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Power Source: Tongonan, Leyte (mainland municipalities); Solar Power (San Pedro and Pablo Islands in Hinunangan); and NPC Power Generator (Limasawa)

No. of energized barangays: 500
No. of puroks/sitios energized: 1,724
No. of unenergized puroks/sitios: 37
Bontoc : 12
Hinunangan: 5
Liloan: 5
Malitbog: 3
St. Bernard : 8
San Juan: 1
Tomas Oppus: 3

No. of household connections: 84,007


Highest Grade Completed (of 357,926 Pop’n.): 2010, So. Leyte

No. Grade Completed:
High School:
Post Secondary:
Academic Degree Holder:
Post Baccalaureate:
Not Stated:



Number of Schools (DEPED, So. Leyte Division Office, SY 2013-2014)

No. of Public Elementary Schools: 294
No. of SPED School: 2
No. of Private Elementary Schools: 26
No. of Public Secondary Schools: 40
No. of Private Secondary Schools: 13

Number of Tertiary Schools (NSCB Stat Watch):


1. Southern Leyte State University with main campus in Sogod, and other campuses in Tomas Oppus, Bontoc, San Juan and Hinunangan

2. Maasin City College, Maasin City


1. St. Joseph College, Maasin City
2. The College of Maasin, Maasin City
3. STI, Maasin City
4. St. James Academy, Padre Burgos
5. St. Thomas Aquinas, Sogod

portsPorts: (2013)

National Ports:

Maasin City Port
Liloan Ferry Terminal
Benit, San Ricardo Roro Port
Guadalupe Port, Maasin City(on-going)

Municipal Ports:

Sogod, San Juan, Liloan, St. Bernard, Padre Burgos, Limasawa, Malitbog, Bontoc, Pintuyan, San Ricardo, Hinunangan

Bus terminals 

Maasin City
San Juan
St. Bernard,
San Francisco, and