Yes, you can surf in Southern Leyte! Unknown to many, a few local surfers have already identified at least 18 surf spots around the province, most of them in the Pacific towns of Hinundayan, Hinunangan and Silago. For now, they remain an almost “exclusive domain” to these young and daring Southern Leytenos, who prefer to practice this ancient watersport, which commands millions of pratitioners around the world.

Some spots are so remote that they can only be reached by foot, and what is even more astonishing is that local residents near the spots do not have any clue what these young boys are doing in the water riding the waves! But that soon will end. Southern Leyte’s proximity to Siargao, the Philippines’ surfing capital, is a plus factor making surfing an emerging watersports that is very viable for development and promotion in the province.


Surfing may have originated as far back as 1500 AD. Hawaiian royalty practiced the sport to maintain their strength, agility, and command over people. He’e nalu is the Hawaiian word for surfing.