Quite literally, life in Southern Leyte is a beach, as every town, even Maasin City, is a coastal community. Each has its own unique beach or beaches, regularly visited by the locals, on weekends and holidays. Yet, a lot of secluded, isolated, or sheltered beaches and coves remain to be explored and enjoyed for those who prefer to take off the beaten track. A few of them are being highlighted here. These idyllic getaways with stunning views offer both peace and tranquility - making the trip a genuine communion with nature at its best.


L imasawa Island is generally known in Philippine religious history as the Site of the First Christian Mass in Asia, when Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines on March 1521. But the story of Limasawa Island did not end there. Today, it is a pilgrimmage site for the faithful, and an ideal island getaway for the more adventurous, with a penchant for hidden coves, secluded beaches, and spectacular cliffs and rock formations.