MAASIN CITY, Southern Leyte, March 13 (PIA) - If you are an active Pag-ibig fund member and you apply for a multi-purpose loan, among other transactions, next week, expect your application to take longer than standard processing time.

  This is because the government’s forced savings agency is currently in the process of overhauling its technical program and shift to a new Provident Fund Management System, for a more speedy service on benefit claims and loan applications.   Once this shall have been done by May 15 this year, transactions with Pag-ibig will require a Member ID (MID) for individual members, hence those who have no MID yet are advised to have one, said Kevin Siosana, marketing specialist of Pag-ibig-Ormoc office.   While the migration to the new system is ongoing, Pag-ibig has been at the same time communicating with public and private offices, giving them lists of employees with corresponding MID, so that those with no MID yet can be given, either by applying online or by consulting with the office, Siosana said at the dydm-dyslkapihan program live this morning.   “From name-based records, we will use the individual MID numbers in transactions, and by the time the new system can be perfected anyone can apply for a loan anywhere, unlike now where an employee had to transact to where the contribution was remitted,” Siosana explained.   For example, if your office remitted to Ormoc branch, then loans and claims will be processed in this branch;  for those remitting at Tacloban, transactions will also be filed there  --  but with MID in place, locations of branches will not be a concern in filing anymore, Siosana explained.   With such a very vital role for a number assigned to a specific Pag-ibig member, be he or she is employed in the public, private sector, or voluntarily paying a contribution, it is a must that a member must inquire if he or she has already acquired a MID, Siosana further emphasized.  (ajc/mmp/PIA8-Southern Leyte)